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10 Ways Being Stuck Inside Parenting in Winter is like Being at the Olympics

1. A few people get all the attention, and there’s a whole team of other people dragging their stuff around for them and telling them they’re awesome.


2. There’s a lot of people in a small space, and it seems like everyone is speaking different languages.


3.  Some people wear onesies.


4. Going pants-less and wearing all the jewelry you own is fine for now, but you’re going to have to get dressed when we go to Target.

5. There’s always someone sliding around as fast as they can, crashing into walls and other competitors.

6. People are always lunging themselves off things and hoping for the best.

7. People fall a lot. Everyone holds their breath to find out if they broke themselves. Sometimes they cry.


8. There is a lot of chanting and yelling all the time. Boy, is it loud.


9.Somewhere, in the background, you hear “Despacito” playing.


10. Whole place runs on hot chocolate. If you get the chocolate: marshmallow ration wrong, woe unto you.