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Care Credit

Dr. Yoon Went to Dubai and Spoke at an International Women’s Health Conference! Today, He’s Sharing His Knowledge with Us!

April 11, 2019


Dr. Yoon recently went to Dubai, in the UAE, to lecture at an international OBGYN conference! He and his wife enjoyed experiencing this fascinating part of the world, and he provided great information to other medical providers that he’d like to also share with us here!

They got to see the ‘Burj Khalifa,’ which is the tallest building in the world, with more than 150 floors!


The topic they asked him to speak on is weight gain during pregnancy. We know, we know, not the most pleasurable conversation, but it is really important, since both not gaining enough weight, and gaining too much weight can have negative consequences. We aim to help patients be deliberate with nutrition and exercise to promote safe deliveries and health in mom and baby. Your pre-pregnancy weight/BMI will help you and your provider determine how much weight you should aim to gain during pregnancy, but Dr. Yoon stresses that we aim to focus on healthy pregnancies more than the absolute numbers.


In the U.S., it is estimated that 47% of patients gain more weight during pregnancy than is recommended.

We understand that focusing on diet and exercise during pregnancy is HARD. First of all, pregnancy is often no walk in the park. The discomfort, the nausea, the food aversions, and the whole long list of challenges that come with pregnancy make eating right and staying fit a real challenge. Also, women are often working full-time and managing the house, the other children, going to school, and tackling all kinds of other tasks while growing a fetus! It’s a lot! We are here to help you do the best that you can so that you can have the best outcome possible. 

Here’s where the pounds go during pregnancy :

Example for the 18.5 – 24.9 range BMI 


Diet during pregnancy- the perception is that we’re “eating for two” when pregnant, but in reality, we need an additional 300-450 calories/day (which is about 1/2 of a sandwich). If you add 1 extra serving of each of the food groups daily, you’ll be there. Your body and your growing baby need these additional calories to develop in all the right ways!

Exercise during pregnancy
– unless there are complications in the pregnancy and your provider has specific concerns, usually we recommend continuing your normal exercise regime.  If you are a runner, for example, it’s OK to continue running, we just wouldn’t recommend that you start running, or any other intense physical activity you weren’t doing prior to pregnancy. Sometimes modifications are required, and it’s always a good idea to ask. In general, we encourage moderate aerobic exercise for about 150 minutes/week, staying hydrated, and listening to your body.  Obviously, rest if you have discomfort and notify your provider if you notice any cramping or spotting.  We definitely do NOT recommend weight loss during pregnancy.

Why are we so focused on how much weight we gain during pregnancy? There are short-term and long-term consequences of gaining more weight than recommended during pregnancy

During the pregnancy and delivery:

  • Higher risk for pregnancy-related hypertension
  • More likely to experience shoulder dystocia during delivery
  • More likely to have cesarean section deliveries
  • Babies are more likely to have fetal macrosomia (meaning they will be large for their gestational age, which often comes with hypoglycemia, which is difficulty maintaining normal blood sugar after birth).

After pregnancy, postpartum weight retention

  • At 6 months, 50% have retained more than 10lbs and 25% retain more than 20 lbs
  • This has a cumulative affect on future pregnancies
  • Sometimes this additional weight can have negative effects on a woman’s health in general

We appreciate Dr. Yoon sharing his insights with us, and we look forward to seeing where his next teaching adventure takes him!

As always, specific questions and concerns about your pregnancy or health, or diet, exercise, and weight gain, you should as your provider at your next visit. We look forward to working together as a team to help you and your baby be the healthiest you can be! Also, don’t forget that we offer prenatal yoga at our Troy campus every Tuesday (7pm-8pm) and Saturday (11am-12pm) for only $10, (contact Kim Marasco, postpartum nurse and licensed yoga instructor, KimMarasco@comcast.net for more info) and that Beaumont offers a whole host of pregnancy/breastfeeding/child birth/breast feeding classes that can help during pregnancy!