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10 Ways Being Stuck Inside Parenting in Winter is like Being at the Olympics

1. A few people get all the attention, and there’s a whole team of other people dragging their stuff around […]

Let’s Talk About The Flu (Influenza)

Winter is a hard time to stay healthy, with so many nasty germs going around. This year, influenza, has been […]

Welcome Dr. Kerry Lee!

  We are so happy to welcome Dr. Kerry Lee to our Oakland Macomb OBGYN family! We’ve been waiting for […]

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Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga is a wonderful way to stay relaxed, flexible, and strong during pregnancy. It can be done safely, with some modifications. Make sure your yoga instructor knows you are pregnant, or if you are doing a video, that you avoid lying flat on your stomach and any twisting motions.

We offer Yoga at our Troy office for $10 every Tuesday at 7pm and and Saturday at 11am, taught by a Labor and Delivery nurse and certified prenatal yoga instructor. See this flyer for more information: PrenatalYogaFlyer2017