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i-Lady: Are Apps the Happs?

March 3, 2015

There are a lot of interesting apps (applications, programs for your computer or smart phone) on the market that can help you track your menstrual cycle, remind you of your OB/GYN exams and appointments, give you information on upcoming pregnancy milestones, help you keep track of nursing in the middle of the night (were we last latched on my left side? I can’t remember! Argh!), etc.

They can be really useful, but please be discerning and find those that are made by trustworthy sources. Always consult your Oakland Macomb provider to confirm you’re getting good info.

One that has recently come to our attention is myBeaumontBaby. It helps you track cycle and attempts at conception all the way through delivery. You can input data to keep track of your pregnancy progress, your blood pressures, weight changes, babies measurements, etc. It also reminds you of upcoming tests and appointments and tells you what is normal at your present gestational age for both mom and baby. For example, “this week, your baby is the size of a flip flop!” (that’s actually exceptional, because most of these gestational trackers compare babies to fruits, which makes you hungry/gag depending on where you are in your pregnancy). Check it out and let us know what you think.

We will caution, you, however, not to rely entirely on any app. Your body gives you better clues to where you are in your cycle or changes in your pregnancy than any computer program ever could. Fertility planning is a good example. An app can be useful to help you keep track of your biological changes over time (temperature, cervical mucous, ovulation predictor kit results, etc) which together can tell you when you are likely to be ovulating, but it is unreasonable to expect an app to guarantee pregnancy, or even to accurately predict ovulation from one month to the next without using all those other indicators. As always, confirm any findings and ask questions at your appointments with your Oakland Macomb provider.

And this should go without saying, but if you see any changes in your pregnancy that concern you, like vaginal bleeding, cramping, contractions, reduction in fetal movement, headache or vision changes, please call us instead of turning to your app.

As always, please contact your Oakland Macomb provider about any questions/concerns regarding your cycle, your general health or your pregnancy and do not play with your phone while driving. 🙂


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