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Visiting the Gynecologist: The More You Share, the Better Our Care

April 14, 2015

We appreciate how awkward it can be to visit the gynecologist. We really do. Most of us have been in your shoes (or, stirrups). We aim to make it a comfortable and efficient visit at Oakland Macomb OBGYN. Your privacy and trust is very important to us. We know that both the exam and the questions we ask can seem invasive, since we’re addressing the most private and personal parts of your body and your life.

Your continued health is our priority. This is why we screen you for infections and personal and family history. This is why we need to stay up-to-date and accurate on your current and past sexual relationships and any health changes for you and your immediate relatives. This is why we ask difficult questions and so much appreciate your candid responses.  All this information helps us determine your health risks and manage your care accordingly.

We recently stumbled upon this article from Women’s Health magazine, May 2014 issue , entitled “11 Things Every Woman Should Tell her Gyno” and found it very good. It explains well why we have to ask the somewhat embarrassing questions and why being forthright in your answers is so essential for your health.

Help us to help you. We’re here to give you great care. You are in a safe place with us and we appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable in pursuit of your health.

A reminder of our mission at Oakland Macomb OBGYN:

“To Provide Excellent, Comprehensive, Individualized Healthcare For Women Within a Framework of Compassion, Dignity and Service.”

We work hard to live up to this mission. As always, if you have suggestions about how we can make your experiences at Oakland Macomb better, please let us know. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Also, as always, if you have individual questions or concerns about your health care, please see your provider.


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