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Pregnant in the Sum-Sum-Summertime

May 20, 2015

Are you expecting this summer or early fall? Worried about what it will be like to be pregnant all summer? Let’s talk!

This article from fitpregnancy magazine talks about all the wonderful parts of being pregnant in the summer, including getting outside more for exercise and Vitamin D and the availability of local fresh fruits and vegetables! They make great points.

Plus, the model in the picture reveals the importance of posing crouched in the sand in a white bikini during sunset in your 3rd trimester. (No, your ankles would totally not be numb from this and you definitely would not get stuck in that position until someone came and rescued you! We call this pose ‘Crouching Pregnant Lady, Hidden Desire to Just Pee in the Sand Because the Walk Back to the Hotel is Just Too Darn Far’).

What else do you need to know about being pregnant in the summer?

1. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water daily, especially as the temperature warms up. You might be sweating (and peeing) more than usual, so make sure to replenish. Often preterm contractions are relieved by hydration- avoid them in the first place!

2. As mentioned in the article, when pregnant you are more likely to sunburn so stay in the shade and WEAR SUNSCREEN whenever you’re going to be outside. Wear a big hat like a fancy southern lady, too, because it will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays and because you will look fabulous. Look for sunscreen that is at least an SPF 30. Fitpregnancy also has a guide for how to choose sunscreen and apply it to your pregnant self.

3. Mosquitos and other insects. Especially with the Zika virus causing birth defects in pregnant women who are exposed. Keep yourself covered when possible, use the citronella and citrus products available and use DEET-based sprays. Here are the CDC guidelines for what products to use to avoid bites by all insects, and how best to use them.  If you have further specific questions about the Zika virus and pregnancy, here are the comprehensive, up-to-date CDC resources. Be especially mindful of ticks and the Lyme disease they can cause Check out this handy info sheet from the CDC.

4. It’s mocktail season! So many delicious, fancy, fun non-alcoholic drink recipes available now, many with limited sugar and caffeine.  There are wonderful recipes online, like these. Explore and let us know your favorites! Also, do ask what the punch contains when you go to a pool party. It might not be kid/pregnant lady friendly.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and are able to enjoy the last few months of your pregnancy getting just enough but not too many rays of sunshine on your skin and eating all the good, fresh summer foods while not being eaten by the summer bugs. Depending on how far along you are and exactly how you are growing, you might find that your baby bump can provide shade to small animals and children. Do not be alarmed if they start following you around.

Be well and as always, if you have specific questions about your health or your pregnancy, please speak to your Oakland Macomb provider.


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