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Third Trimester in the Summer Time is Like…

August 3, 2016

A good friend of ours is a 41 years old mother of two little guys, currently 34 weeks pregnant with her third. She is a hero, obviously. She was describing what it is like to be pregnant in the third trimester in the hottest season of the year. Today in Michigan it is 84 degrees and sunny, which sounds perfectly lovely….unless you’re incubating an entire human person inside of you.

Being pregnant in the third trimester in the summer time is like…

1. Being in a sandstorm wearing a heavy wool poncho over your entire body, with only an opening big enough for a straw to fit through so you can breathe. Kind of, sort of.
2. You know those microwavable veggie packets that steam while they cook? You’re the vegetable.
3. Or, if your cravings are leading you in less healthy pursuits- you know at 7-11 how those plump red hotdogs are just sitting in that case, spinning and sweating all day? You’re the hotdog.
4. You’re sharing a sleeping bag with someone in 90-degree heat but you can’t unzip it and get out, because you’re the sleeping bag.
5. You’re sweating and don’t want to get dehydrated, so you drink a lot of water, so you have to hoist yourself up to pee every 5 minutes, so you’re sweating.
6. Everyone else looks so cute in their sundresses! You feel like your maternity dress could probably fit the actual sun.
7. Your cute summer sandals might technically fit your swollen feet, but it’s kind of a Cinderella’s step-sister situation and the straps look like they’re crying and want to give up. Your toes sticking out the top remind you again of the sausages at 7-11. Oh, great. And now you’re hungry again.
8. You’re hungry but can only fit in a few bites at a time because the baby is squished right up against your stomach. Which seems impossible because he/she is also squished right up against your bladder. You start to wonder if there are 9 or 10 babies up in there. You look suspiciously at your doctor or midwife at your next appointment. Perhaps they are hiding the fact that you’re actually having a litter. Perhaps they just didn’t want to alarm you. Perha- you have to pee again and by the time you get back to your exam room you forgot what you were saying.
9. You find yourself forgetful and unfocused. You’re sure you came into the kitchen for something but now can’t for the life of you figure out what it was. Oh, well. You’re here. You may as well fan yourself with the open fridge door for the next 90 minutes.
10. All you want is to completely submerge yourself in a cold pool for the rest of your pregnancy. You’d be so pruney and happy just floating around there, weightless and cool. Somehow your job and family have not agreed to these terms and keep insisting that you do terrible things like “stand up” and “function like a grown up.” They obviously just don’t get it.

cartoon swim

c/o toonpool.com

Obviously this is meant in good fun. We hear your summer plight and we’re with you in solidarity. If you have any specific concerns about symptoms that you are experiencing, do please contact your provider. Also, DO stay hydrated, DO stay in the shade and air conditioning when you can, DO get your feet up whenever possible, and DO call us if you need anything. Be well!

sz, pa-c

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