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Real Talk with Dr. Hopkins About Pregnancy (Includes Puppy Pic)

October 10, 2018

Dr. Staci Hopkins has been an OBGYN since 2014 and she has helped many patients through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Now it’s her turn! She and her husband, John, are thrilled to be expecting their first child in November.

, Real Talk with Dr. Hopkins About Pregnancy (Includes Puppy Pic), Oakland Macomb Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.

As always, Dr. Hopkins gives us the straight talk about everything.


Q: What are you having?

We’re having a girl. Name TBD. She’ll be our first, but she has a few cousins who are really anxious to meet her, and, of course, her big fur sister, Zoey.


, Real Talk with Dr. Hopkins About Pregnancy (Includes Puppy Pic), Oakland Macomb Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.

   (This is Zoey)

 Q: What surprised you most about pregnancy when it was happening to you?

The ability to vomit and be hungry at the same time. Also, the amount of fatigue in the first trimester is unlike any fatigue I’d previously experienced.


Q: Any uncomfortable encounters with strangers?

No one has touched me, but I am surprised how happy people are to see a pregnant woman. People are more willing to engage with you when you’re obviously pregnant.


Q: Any maternity or baby clothes/gear you’ve loved?

Hand-me-down maternity clothes and Old Navy maternity clothes. The belly band and Snoodle (pregnancy pillow) were my favorites.


Q: Any pregnancy/baby preparation that you did that you found helpful?

We took the Beaumont Breast Feeding and Baby Care classes– both were very good.


Q: Any weird cravings?

No cravings. Well, cheese. But at baseline I’m a cheese-lover. I’m kind of always craving cheese.


Q: Any aversions?

Meat, anything grilled.


Q: What has the best part of pregnancy been?

Swimming. This summer, it was a great feeling being weightless in the water. Downside- putting on a bathing suit. 😉


Q: What has the hardest part of pregnancy been?

Early on, random vomiting in public places was a new low. Somerset Mall and Kohl’s dressing room stand out. I’m feeling proud that I never vomited in an exam room or in the OR with a patient. Also, it was hard for me to remember not to overdo it, to take it down a notch.


Q: Are you worried about anything specific with delivery?

I just want her to be in a good head-down position. I’m keeping an open mind with labor and delivery. Going to attempt not to micromanage the delivery.


Q: What are you most excited about with a newborn?

I’m excited to give the baby a sponge bath! Mainly for the hooded towel (it’s a baby llama).


Q: What are you most worried about with a newborn?

I’m worried about the potential of colic, establishing breast feeding, how Zoey and she will become frenemies/besties/both.


Q: When are you planning to go on maternity leave?

I’m planning on working right up until delivery, and I will return in February.


Q: Were you able to stay pretty active during pregnancy?

Yes! I continued my normal fitness routine, with a few modifications- Barre classes a few times/week and a long walk with the dog most days.


Q: Any advice you’ll give your patients now that you’ve been there yourself? –

Treat the nausea and vomiting early- don’t wait. Don’t overbook yourself- you need more downtime, take advantage of your days off and relax.


Congratulations to Dr. Hopkins and thank you for the straight talk about pregnancy!



*Oakland Macomb OBGYN does not endorse any of the products or stores named other than the Beaumont baby classes


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