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Tuesday Talk with Certified Nurse Midwife and Doctor of Nursing Practice, Dana Velzy!

January 8, 2019 , Tuesday Talk with Certified Nurse Midwife and Doctor of Nursing Practice, Dana Velzy!, Oakland Macomb OBGYN, Oakland Macomb OBGYN

We’re checking in with the talented and marvelous Dana Velzy, C.N.M, D.N.P, who has been practicing as a Certified Nurse Midwife with Oakland Macomb OBGYN officially now for two years! Review her bio here, to see what she was up to prior to that.

In the time she’s been with us, she’s been a full-time provider as well as also completing her doctorate of nursing practice! As part of her program, she developed a genetic screening tool used for shared decision making in prenatal care, which we have implemented into our practice. You will see information on that when you are given our new OB book at your early prenatal visits.

Dana, what surprised you in your first few years of practice? 

“One of my worries when joining a large practice was that it would be difficult working with different personalities and ways of practice- but in fact everyone has been kind, supportive of midwifery care, and supportive of me in my training, as I gained experience. All of the providers work well together, like a family. This includes how well the offices are run- even front desk staff, billing, triage, techs, nurses. Any issues- the office handles it smoothly and quickly. It’s exceptional patient care, and I’m really proud to work there. It’s unique how well all the docs and midwives work well together in this practice.”

What have been the most rewarding parts of practice so far?

“In my personal practice, I’ve loved developing relationships with regular patients. Repeat deliveries, seeing patients I’ve delivered for their annuals, etc. I love the idea of knowing patients from heir first GYN visit ever, all the way through menopause. In fact, recently, Kathy (Figuriski, C.N.M.) and LouAnne (Case, C.N.M.) have started seeing the babies they delivered all grown up and seeking their own GYN and OB care! I love that. It adds a big element of career satisfaction. You get to know their families, spouses, kids, it’s amazing to be so much a part of someone’s life.”

What have been the most difficult parts of practice so far? 

“We see a lot of patients dealing with anxiety and depression, postpartum depression, it’s all very prevalent. It’s often difficult to fully address the needs of these patients- I can do everything in my power to give them love and support, but I’m not trained in psychiatric care, and I wish I could be more help. We do have an excellent referral network for mental health, and I think with changes we’ve made in our screening (like how we’re having patients follow up in the office earlier in the postpartum phase- at one to two weeks post-delivery for all types of deliveries), we’re catching things sooner, before it becomes critical. Beaumont offers parenting support programs, which I know has helped a lot of people. We midwives recently had the parenting program director come and talk to us, and we’re really excited about what they’re offering familes. We’d like to enhance what we offer non-OB patients in the way of mental health services, as well, in the future. Coordination of Care can be difficult for people going through hard times.”

What are you doing now that school is over and you can relax a little?

“I’m enjoying being new home owner (with all the trials and tribulations), trying to figure out the best work/life balance for me, along with my significant other. I travel as much as possible. This year, I went to Portland, Turks & Caicos, Florida, Arizona, and I’m going to Montana this winter. I took up kick boxing classes (she’s taking classes with one of the MA’s from the office, Courtney), and just generally enjoying this phase of life, without having to worry about school for the first time in a long time!”

Well, Dana, we sure are glad you’re part of the Oakland Macomb OBGYN team, and we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us!

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