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Let Us Help You Understand Your Cost Options

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Contact us to get your personalized estimate

We work directly with you to make sure our testing services are accessible and your out-of-pocket costs are understood

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Our new Patient Engagement program is designed to support your needs

Our Every Mom pledge team is ready to answer questions about your insurance and cost options. We offer flexible programs designed to meet your individual financial needs, including participation in our Moms Helping Moms of Tomorrow initiative

Genetics is complex; understanding pricing options doesn’t have to be

We work directly with your patients to make our pricing options transparent

With our new Patient Engagement Program, your choice of a genetic testing partner is clear

New cost estimator plus rapid, proactive support from our expert Every Mom Pledge team

Patient responsibility was $0 for over 74% of patients*

New program provides $299 price for MaterniT® 21 PLUS, InformaSeq®  and Inheritest® NGS for qualifying patients

Transparency On Cost And Coverage

Understandably, patients want to be clear about costs

Through new pricing programs and expanded proactive support, we help patients understand payment options and their responsibility. Our 2017 internal billing data* shows the following patient responsibility:

Inheritest® NGS
80% paid t$0
MaterniT21® PLUS
78% paid $0
74% paid $0

But when there are insurance coverage challenges such as no insurance or a high deductible, we have multiple options

  • $299 price for patients who participate in our new Moms Helping Moms of Tomorrow initiative for MaterniT 21 PLUS, InformaSeq and Inheritest NGS
  • Financial assistance/payment plans

When in-network coverage is important to your practice, our agreements with more than 400 payers provide stability, compliance and value.

*Based in internal billing data from January through December 2017, patient responsibility (what is owed after insurance, if anything) for our major carrier screening and NIPTs was typically nothing.

Tools To Help Patients understanDNA™

Time with patients is at a premium and you want to focus on their care

Our broad array of patient-friendly materials helps you inform and support your patients

Genetic counseling services

Integrated Genetics has the largest national commercial network of genetic counselors, providing a broad range of counseling services covering preconception and prenatal, infertility and hereditary cancer

  • Counseling options (comprehensive sessions and sessions specific to a patient’s results)
  • Scheduling is just a click away with our online scheduler at integrated genetics.com or call 855.422.2557

Patient education videos

New videos on genetics and genetic testing options make complex subjects easy to understand and support your clinical goals

  • Customizable formats available for your practice
  • Both English and Spanish versions available


  • Our website has been completely redesigned with informative and understandable content for patients

Tests To Support Your Clinical Needs

One partner to help simplify genetic testing for you and your patients

Prenatal testing and NIPT

A spectrum of choices across the first and second trimesters

  • NIPT-including MaterniT® 21 PLUS, InformaSeq® and our genome-wide test, MaterniT GENOME
  • Serum screening
  • Prenatal diagnostic testing

Carrier screening

  • From Inheritest® NGS, which screens for nearly 100 disorders, to single-gene screening, we provide relevant choices for your practice
  • Prenatal diagnostic testing to assess whether a baby may be impacted by genetic disorders carried by the parent(s); having it done by the same lab saves time for your office and may reduce anxiety for your patients

Diagnostic testing

Wide range of diagnostic tests provides efficiency and continuity for your practice

  • Prenatal, POC, pediatric or cord blood Prenatal diagnostic testing

Hereditary cancer testing

Benefit from a partner that offers hereditary cancer testing

  • BRCA mutations associated with breast and ovarian cancer syndrome
  • Broader hereditary cancer panels for genes associated with many types of cancer