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Care Credit

Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding Your Baby

June 4, 2018


Exclusively breastfeed (feed breast milk only, either directly from breast or by pumping/bottle)

This method is considered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and multiple other organizations, to be the healthiest/cheapest for feeding.

Breastfeeding + supplementing formula

This method offers flexibility and convenience for the parents, and may be needed in specific medical situations that your pediatrician will recommend.

Formula only

This is recommended only for patients with specific medical conditions or patients who must take certain medications and should not breastfeed.


• Our office will supply you with a prescription for a breast pump at your 36 week visit.

• You will need to contact your insurance company regarding where and when you may obtain your pump.


• Beaumont offers 2 types of breastfeeding classes: a classroom setting, as well as an online class.  Classes can be scheduled at www. classes.beaumont.edu, or call Beaumont’s scheduling line #800-633-7377.


• If you are having difficulties breastfeeding, there are outpatient lactation consultants who can help, and who can see you quickly.  Please call our office for a referral.

• Beaumont also has breastfeeding support M – F, 8:30am – 5pm,  #248-964-6455.

• Helpful websites: