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Care Credit

Winner of the University of Michigan’s Medvec Nursing Innovation Award

January 28, 2019 , Winner of the University of Michigan’s Medvec Nursing Innovation Award, Oakland Macomb Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.

From the University of Michigan School of Nursing: “DNP student Jessica Fladger was selected by a faculty review committee for the Medvec Nursing Innovation Award! Fladger, a midwife and graduate of our BSN program, is focused on improving care in low-resource communities in the U.S. and abroad. She’s working with UMSN’s Dr. Jody Lori to explore the benefits of group-based, culturally-appropriate antenatal care education that builds upon the strength of community groups.”

We’re SO excited for Jessica, and inspired by her passion and relentless hard work, both in her clinical practice, and in her doctorate of nursing practice studies at U of M. We sat down with her to find out more.

What exactly is the Medic Nursing Innovation Award? Can you tell us more about your research?

Jessica: The Medvec Nursing Innovation Award is a scholarship that’s provided to a nursing student working on innovative evidence based interventions. My DNP work has always been focused on group prenatal care. I started my project with Dr. Lori, and I’m still a part of her research team, but my focus has shifted from global work to local work. I’m getting ready to begin work with the “Beyond Bars Collabortive”, a group of providers working to improve the quality of prenatal care women in prison receive. They hope to implement group prenatal care at a local facility.

What would you hope to do with this research, long-term:

Jessica: Long-term I would love to increase access to group prenatal care for populations of women at risk for adverse prenatal outcomes. It’s been shown to decrease the risk of preterm birth, and low birth weight infants, and it’s a great way to build community during pregnancy. I feel that a lot of women feel as if they’re the only ones experiencing certain issues during pregnancy, so the fact that having a support group during pregnancy influences health outcomes speaks to the magnitude of the village that is required to bring babies into the world safely.

How are you managing work, school, and life? (It should be noted that she did this interview following a 24 hour shift!)

Jessica: Balancing life and work and school is tough! This is my first time working and being a student at the same time and the transition wasn’t easy. But it takes a lot of discipline and dedication, and I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line in 2020.

We know you’ve been back and forth this year to Georgia visiting your sister. It always looks so warm and sunny,  and no one is wearing a parka in your pictures. We’re so glad you live in Michigan and  are part of our team, serving our patients, but it’s nine degrees here right now….remind us all why we choose Michigan?

Jessica: Michigan is where I was born and raised. I feel happiest and most comfortable here. Even when I travel I can’t wait to get back home. Downtown Detroit is thriving with new and amazing small business. One of my new favorites is the Ten Nail Bar! I still have lots to explore in Michigan- up north specifically. I’ve never been and I hear it’s wonderful, so one day I’ll take a trip there!

Thank you, Jessica, for talking to us and for doing all that you do! Congratulations on this recognition. We are certain you and your work will have great impact on women and babies all over the world!
sz, pa-c